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Fiercely Focused:

Virtual Training

How comfortable are you being your 100% authentic self when interacting in the workplace or even introducing yourself to new connections?


Here are 5 ways to BOLDLY be you.


No matter what situation you are currently in, and I challenge you to catch yourself and try one of these tips before the end of THIS week.

Connecting with Confidence Virtual Training

Ever wonder why some people seem to move forward in their careers while you seem stuck? Why no one seems to think your great idea will work? Does it seem as if no one's listening to what you say? Maybe they're not - because you aren't really connecting when you communicate. 


After this FREE training, you will understand how connecting increases your influence in every situation and be on your way to confidently connecting with many people in your life. 


Go Live with Confidence

Have you ever thought that you should ever go LIVE on social media to share something that you're extremely passionate about? It's a great place to increase engagement and build trust with your followers and even your existing friends you haven't connected with in a while. It's also a great biz strategy.


Here are my top 5 tips to go LIVE with confidence.

BB's Fitness and Health Must Haves

I used to think that hours of cardio was the only way I would be able to keep my waist slim, that has changed. I had no idea that resistance training combined with supplements for muscle recovery and digestive health could make such a difference for me.


Here are my top recommendations for your health and wellness. I use these products regularly.

BB's Tips to Start a Blog

 Starting a blog can be so much fun and at the same time … pretty scary and overwhelming. In this one-page tip sheet, I will share with you the top 10 tips to get started on your blog quickly, avoiding the mistakes I made and reducing the stress of the process. You have so much to share and shouldn’t let the stress of the process paralyze you from getting started. 


Here are 10 tips that can help you get started TODAY!

5 Fatal Flaws Limiting Your Success

Ever wonder why sometimes you can't seem to get ahead? You're not sure what your next move should be, or you may lack the confidence to move forward? It's because you're letting a few everyday life things get into your way that you may not even realize are an issue.

Here are 5 Fatal Flaws Limiting Your Success...

...and how to eliminate them!



My personal mission is to develop and cultivate the qualities of confidence, inspiration, and overall well-being so that I am able to live each day with success and enjoy life to the fullest. I will do this by leading with daily intention, eliminating negative habits, and giving selflessly to enrich not only my life but also the lives of those around me. 

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